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Eliminate stress fast

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Do you feel tired all the time?
Can’t get out of bed in the morning?
Regularly rundown and irritable?
Do you need coffee, cola or sweet or salty snacks to keep you going during day?
You no longer having fun?
Your sex drive has decreased?
Maybe you are suffering from adrenal fatigue?

 The condition occurs when your adrenal glands are unable to cope with the amount of stress, either physical, emotional or psychological.
(Dr James L. Wilson, Adrenal Fatigue; the 21st century Stress Syndrome, Smart Publication, 2001)

 Quick fix

  1. Take a stroll to the park if possible– research suggests that walking among trees lower blood pressure, cortisol level and pulse rate. Remember GREEN!
    2. Request Bach or Mozart– classical music keeps you calm at psychological level, lowering blood pressure and stress level. According to studies, music with 80-90 bpm, so no Metalica…
    3. Find your happy place– recalling positive memories can reduce stress by working as a destruction in any negative situation.. Make sure your camera works properly!

Relax and book therapeutic massage!

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