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The benefits of sex

By cnssport 0

Recently, I had interesting chat with one of my training partners who is also a tennis coach.
She had sex with her partner every day for a month and she discovered surprising benefits…
Sex boosts wellbeing –  increases feeling of positive wellbeing
Sex makes you feel good about yourself and your life – increases self- esteem, regular sex can make you feel special in your relationship because it creates intimacy and lets you feel loved
Sex relieves stress – orgasm releases the positive hormone oxytocin which helps promote good sleep, reduces stress
Sex help fight pain –  has been shown over time to increase your pain threshold, so you can cope far better with aches and pains such joint pain or headaches
Sex helps you leave longer – orgasm decreases risk of heart disease, so less people who die younger
Sex reduces blood pressure – under stress smaller heart rate increases (public speaking)
Sex can help you get fitter – sexual activities boosts circulation, and can be good exercise
Sex boosts your immunity- having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher  levels of an antibody which can protect you from colds, infections
Sex makes you look younger– people who make love three times a week look seven years younger

There is no reason not to put your sex life to the top of your list. Sex is the ultimate recessionista health and wellbeing boost- it’s free, fun and full of benefit- emotional and psychological ones that can leave you feeling more positive about life.

author: cnssport