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Could alcohol be making you fat?

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Many of people are struggling to lose weight at any one time.
One of the reason could be that we forget to consider how many hidden calories we are consuming from alcoholic drinks.
Did you know that simple glass of wine or half a pint of lager contains as many calories as thick slice of bread and butter?
So two or three single G&T or glass of wine a day will increase your weight by two kilograms within four weeks, then two kilos every month thereafter!
Drinking after workout
The trouble with alcohol is that the calories come without vitamins. After a workout , the muscle in your body crave fuel from healthy food; starch, protein, essential fatty acids. If you fancy a drink after all that hard work you done, all you are doing is encouraging your tired muscle to break themselves down. It is counterproductive and you will have been wasting your time.


A little bit of drinking at social events is actually healthy for us. It increase social interaction, reduces the risk of blood clots, especially red wine is high antioxidant and has effect in staving off coronary heart disease.

If you enjoy your ‘triple’, read this:

3 glasses of white wine (390 Kcal) = 1 hour of power walk at 4 mph
4 pints lager (772 Kcal) = 1 hour of swimming
3 Gin & Tonics (228 Kcal) = 45 min of Aerobic dancing
3 glasses of red (510 Kcal) = 1 hour of rowing (moderate)
3 pints of Guinness (630 Kcal) = 1 hour of hard circuit training
3 bottles of Smirnoff Ice (561 Kcal) = 1 hour cycling

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