Nursery and Pre School Clubs:

Between the ages of 2 and 5 children learn the most and sport and exercise can be a crucial part of their development. Designed to improve your child’s bio-mechanics we combine simple movements and exercises with every day learning to ensure they get the most from our 30 minute weekly sessions. With specialist games designed to keep your tot active we also use every day experiences to enhance learning, such as using colours and timings with the children within the games.


Football Clubs

As highly qualified football coaches with years of experience with professional clubs behind us we have set up local Soccer Schools on weekends open to youngsters between the ages of 3 – 7.

We currently see over 50 children at our two weekend soccer venues and aim to put a team into local competitive leagues in the not too distant future.

We use our experience within the game to develop the boys and girls skills to help them become a more accomplished player.

We also have links with academy and development centre scouts and hope to feed some players onto higher standards when they meet the criteria.


PPA School PE Lessons:

We are currently linked into three Schools where we provide weekly PE lessons working to the governments curriculum guidelines to provide local children with the best development possible in sports such as, Hockey, Gymnastics, Football and Rugby to name but a few.

We cover all ages including a Primary School, Secondary School and Public School.


Wake Up Clubs:

Our wake up clubs run at the School before the School day starts and are an excellent facility for the working parents. For a small fee you can drop your child off safe in the knowledge they will be well looked after and will have a great time playing fun games with their classmates.

Scientific evidence also proves that exercise engages the brain and can help improve children’s ability to learn so the children are ready to work straight away.



Lunch Time Clubs

A fantastic alternative to standard school lunch breaks.

Let us help develop your school children’s sports skills with our structured, fun high energy skills and games during their lunch hour. Great fun for all.


After School Clubs

Our most popular clubs which run in different schools every afternoon, after the school day.

We meet your children at school and supervise them for an hour of sports and games for all ages and abilities, teaching them new skills and keeping them fit whilst having a fab time with their friends. These are all about the children having a fun time whilst exercising and we use music to accompany the games and keep the energy high. A superb way to end the school day.