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Get a solid six- pack by training your whole body

By cnssport 0

Do you really want perfectly build abs?
You need to be smart about how you train.
Endless crunches? Not really!
You need to train your whole body  as well as support it by eating right and keeping your stress level low.

Your abs are predominantly fast- twitch muscle, which means they respond to intense overload and low reps.

What to do:
Avoid crunches- isolation moves produce no loss of body fat
Do compound moves- squats, deadlifts, chin ups, lunges, Olympic lifts, they require you to stabilise your trunk muscle
Ditch isometric moves- planks, Superman- they help to teach your muscle to contract for stabilisation
Do HIIT to burn fat- hight intensity interval training melts fat, do sprints!
Eat right- high protein diet must be support by intake of fibre (25g a day)
Manage stress- cortisol, stress hormone is responsible for storing fat. Chill out!

author: cnssport