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Target-Fit – A wealth of experience

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Weight Loss – Through our special designed nutritional and exercise routine we have helped many clients achieve long term and sustainable weight loss. We have had some fantastic results with a range of clients from those just wanting to lose a few pounds through to those who have been diagnosed as clinically obese and have lost several stone.

General Fitness & Muscle Toning – For those clients who want to improve their cardio-vascular fitness as well as the general shape and tone of their body. For this type of training we use a combination of high intensity circuit training along with a combination or core/ Pilates and resistance exercises to achieve great results.

Injury Rehabilitation – Over many years we have learnt how to assess posture, flexibility and core function and have also studied human movement and biomechanics. We have also worked alongside country top physiotherapists.

With this knowledge we have helped people recover from a whole host of injuries from bad backs, shin splints and neck and shoulder issues.

Sports Specific Training– With our background in psychology and a variety of sports including running, cycling, golf, tennis, rugby, martial arts and skiing, as well as our understanding of sports biomechanics.

We have successfully trained several individuals to improve their sporting performance through strength & conditioning as well as functional.

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