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SCHOOL CLUBS SportsKids work within all 4 of my nurseries and the feedback from both children and parents is always very positive. Steve and Craig provide the children with fun games and sporty activities as part of the programme , their sessions not only allow the children to experiment with different ways of moving but also encourages them to listen well, follow instruction, work as a team and have fun all at the same time !! I thoroughly recommend Steve and Craig's club.

Carolyn Stidston (Manager/Owner CS Nursery Schools Ltd)

KIDS HOLIDAY CAMPS I really like sending my kids to Steve and Craig’s Camps. The guys have so much experience and I feel very at ease leaving my young children with them (even when my youngest was only 3!). The day is packed with fun, team games and activities and my children have always enjoyed them. The proof of this for me is that they always want to go back again.

Emma Fuller (Mum)

KIDS HOLIDAY CAMPS I love the way that the day starts with a warm up, where we get to go on all the equipment like mini trampolines and do whatever you want. I also like all the fun games, especially the pirate game, and making new friends.

Daisy, age 7